Immunity To Change

Immunity To Change

”Using your energy to cover weaknesses is a sure route to inefficiency, low performance and finally burnout”

Anna Hummel-Gumaelius

In most organisations many employees are doing a second unpaid job covering their weaknesses. The ultimate cost: neither the organisation nor its people are able to realize their full potential.

The Immunity To Change process (ITC) was developed by Harvard professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey and has been used globally since 2009. ITC is based on 30 years of research and Professor Robert Kegan’s Stage Theory of Adult Development. ITC gives insight into what internal forces and competing commitments that are blocking wanted change – the “immune system” to the change. When the immune system is exposed, new behaviours can consciously be tested, explored and evaluated – Change is possible.

ITC is used for organisations, teams and individuals. MRG RE includes ITC as process tool in its development programs as well as in stand alone consultations.

Intro film ITC (5 minutes)