Unlearn-to-Learn Sequence

Unlearn-to-Learn Sequence

”Organisations, teams and individuals have auto-pilot behaviours with an expiry date. Getting stuck is the prime inhibitor of innovation.”

Anna Hummel-Gumaelius

The idea of unlearning is based on the notion that for new learning to come into place outdated learnings must be put aside. Unlearning is a process that precedes and is independent of learning.

Unlearning has three elements:

  • mental model unlearning (beliefs, pride, values, mission, vision)
  • procedural unlearning (internal procedures, organizational processes, internal structure, equipment, technology)
  • business unlearning (old clients, suppliers, markets, core products and services, business domains).

Of the three, mental model unlearning has the highest impact on us, as it works to guide us in our everyday life by framing the way we understand, interpret and act in our world.

Inability to unlearn has been recognized as a prime inhibitor of innovation. As the capability to innovation is crucial for any organisation, team of leader MRG RE has developed the MRG RE Unlearn-to-Learn Sequence and embedded it into in all growth services.