Growth for Organisations

Is your organisation ready to surf any wave?

All organisations hit plateaus when prevailing structures, behaviours and leadership no longer serve in the best interest of the organisation. Today the plateaus are hitting organisations with faster intervals, as continuous disruption is prevalent in almost all industries and markets. It is not an easy task to objectively look at where you are compared to where you would like to be, and an even more complicated task to change well-known and safe behaviours for unknown. This is where MRG RE comes in – Creating space for growth to emerge.

MRG RE supports organisations with analysis of the current situation, concepts to grow the wanted and bespoke advisory services tailored for your context.


Full System Analysis

When performing a Full System Analysis MRG RE works from a framework inspired by Integral Theory.

Our view is that the complete ability of an organisation is an interaction between four perspectives: Competence, Structures, Motivation and Values & Behaviours. These four perspectives are inter-dependent of each other, and the sum constitutes the culture of an organisation.

All four behaviours need to be explored to find areas for growth. MRG RE uses in-depth interviews, in combination with our own Full System Analysis Questionnaire, the Greiner Model of Organisation Growth Parameters and Barrett Analytics Values & Behaviours Survey to execute the analysis.

The fee for the analysis is 250 000 SEK ( 22 600 Euros).

Annual Culture
Development Process

Annual process for behavioural development. The initial year includes a development program for internal ambassadors, which is then followed by an annual process managed by the organisation with support by MRG RE.
The process uses the Barrett Analytics Values & Behaviours Survey as supporting tool.

The fee for the initial year development process is 250 000 SEK (22 600 Euros) and for the following years 150 000 SEK (13 500 Euros).

Advisory services

Bespoke set up for each client according to assignment and context.


Greenhouse Garden Program
Next generation thinking of organisational growth. Stay tuned for more info in December 2021.