“Role is the secret sauce to leadership”

Anna Hummel-Gumaelius

uses role as the central element. Role is where the organisation and the person intersect. The role has its specific task, mandate and boundaries to other roles and functions, and the entire organisation is influenced by the ever-changing context. An individual can hold more than one role at the same time. . So to master leadership, you must master how to take up each role that you are given.

What do you need to explore about your role?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Is the role, its task, mandate and boundaries clear to me and everyone around me?
  • How can I in my role continuously balance and secure customer promise, employee promise and financial results?
  • How can I in my role collaborate and cocreate with other roles and functions to achieve high efficiency, best use of all organisational resources and high performance?
  • How can I in my role continuously grow and make full use of my own and others’ skills and experience to ensure the organisations competitiveness?
  • How can I in my role continuously ensure that the organisation develops its adaptability and resilience in order to respond to global changes?
  • How can I in my role continuously ensure that the organisation has the leadership capacity to secure the organisations emergent future?
  • Am I leading from the perspective of a growth of a fixed mindset?
  • What self-insights can help me lead myself and others more efficiently?

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