MRG REs mission

Creating space for growth to emerge

MRG RE was founded by Anna Hummel-Gumaelius in 2018. The origins of the name MRG RE stems from the latin word emergere which originally meant “To rise from or out of anything that surrounds, covers or conceals; bring to light”.

The contexts where MRG RE enter are always complex and we take the role to unveil and clear away layers of symptoms, to bring to light the core issues that need attention.

Our mission “Creating space for growth to emerge” includes to provide a systematic framing, the energy, and the support to make the change.

Working with MRG RE is a co-creational process where the organisation, team and leaders need to be curious, courageous, and prepared to get uncomfortable for growth to take place.

Although MRG RE focus it’s work on leadership level we see this as the means to growth and wellbeing for all employees. We passionately believe that this is a pre-requisite for organisations to thrive.

MRG RE has a wast experience in working with Swedish, Nordic and international organisations within telecom, banking & insurance, facility management, manufacturing, consumer goods, construction, media, consulting, education, the energy sector, as well as municipality and government agencies.

MRG RE’S long-term vision is to increase wellbeing in the world in accordance to the 3rd UN Sustainability Development Goal 2030 , “Good Health and Well-being”.

MRG RE has chosen Plan International Girls Program as our way to contribute to the global challenge of girls, in order for them to actively get themselves out of poverty.

emergere – “to rise from or out of anything that surrounds, covers or conceals; bring to light”.

The meaning of the latin word Emergere