Anna Hummel-Gumaelius

“Courage to systemically ask all the comfortable and uncomfortable questions is how I get to the core”

Anna Hummel-Gumaelius

Anna started her career in management consulting where she quickly realized that efficient use of human resources and human wellbeing was not given the attention it deserved. To be able to fully act on those insights she trained as an organisational psychologist at the University of Stockholm and certified as transformational coach in the systemic-psychodynamic program of the University of Bath and the International Forum for Social Innovation in Paris.

Today she dedicates her time to human growth and resilient futures for MRG RE’s clients. Her core capability is translating complex and multi-layered contexts into clear core problems and then supporting the client in addressing these areas on organisational, team and individual level.

Anna´s personal mission is to be a life-long learner in order to grow every day. Spending time with her family and three children is the best learning arena, in combination with painting, trying new hobbies, training in new methodologies and

getting involved in exploratory projects such as the Grey Swan Guild which she co-founded during the pandemic.

She is a member of IfSi and takes roles to lead working conferences on a regular basis.

Foto: Maria Cruseman